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By Molli Montgomery

Molli is one of the best in the business. She’s successful, knowledgeable and as humble as they come. She is always striving to improve on what she already does incredibly well. We were fortunate to catch up with Molli to ask her a few questions:

How long before an event do you arrive?
Most of the time I'm sitting in line waiting to get in at the earliest possible time. If you are going a long distance, do arrive early. It gives you preference on stalls, parking and gives your horses time to settle in nicely.

What is the amount of time you like to give your horses to adjust to different elements, such as weather, elevations, or just to get their traveling legs rested and ready to go?
I did have a horse get shipping fever last year on the long trip to AZ Futurities. I think this year I will run bags of fluids on my colts when I arrive in AZ. No matter how hard you try sometimes they just won't drink enough.

How do you stay mentally ready and focused when jumping from horse to horse at a big futurity, when the pressure is on especially in the 'finals'?
Staying mentally ready is always a challenge for me. I beat myself up a lot striving for success, but when I go down the alley I forget everything but riding my horse. I do not get nervous--I have trained myself not to get nervous because I felt as though I didn't make good decisions when I was nervous. I like to be totally clear about each move. I actually really slow things down in my mind and just keep things simple. Simple clear steps are easier to remember.

Do you have a team that helps during your events or do you like doing most everything yourself?

Most definitely I have an extended support team!  Leslie, my right hand woman keeps me grounded and doesn't let me forget anything. She takes care of details that might slip my mind. She makes sure the horses are clipped, bathed, cool, and happy. My husband has an endless job of supporting me mentally, keeping me positive and happy! My Mom, Nancy Baldwin and her husband, James are always there for Jolene and I, keeping us up on the latest in breeding and deadlines......oh the deadlines!  And they do keep a colt or two in training each year. My Dad keeps things rolling at home making sure the horses are safe and get out for play time. Kerby, my brother and Jolene's husband always makes sure everything around the barn is humming, always fixing stalls or building! There is absolutely no way I could do this right without my support team!

Do you feed all of the horses you haul the same thing such as feed and supplements?
Yes I keep everything as much the same as possible as to not stress my horses anymore than the trip will. I put baggies together of supplements and write their names on them--same feed and hay.

Can you tell us what supplements you like to use in your overall program and especially during long distance hauling?

I'm not a huge supplement person just because I have to see results to believe in a product. I do however use two products: I do believe in nutrient buffer and gastroade from Big Dees. I think it settles my horses’ stomachs when I travel.  I have seen a horse that would not eat on the road go right to eating using these two products.  I do use a liquid electrolyte from Urekle---I just squirt it in their mouth.  I also like them to have fresh water--I throw old water out each day that has hay and feed droppings. 

Courtesy Molli Montgomery
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