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  “I actually started out doing eventing, which is dressage, stadium jumping, and cross country jumping.  I had a little black pony named Dixie and we won every single show we ever went to. Eventually we had to retire her so we started looking for a new horse.  I tried 9-10 horses and just didn’t get the feeling I got when I rode Dixie.

     I told my mom, who had ran barrels since she was a kid, that I wanted to start running barrels like her. I started out in the 30 second range and slowly worked my way up.  Jan Burns would come over twice a week to help me and give me lessons. Now my mom helps me whenever I need help.

     I am currently running six horses; Frenchmans Jester, Bobbie Gene, Cartels Fame, Guys French Jet, A Special Colour, and Roses for Ragtime. Each horse has a very different style but I love to run each horse just as much. I plan to try to qualify for the NFR when I turn 18 in a year and a half.

      The person I look up to the most would definitely be my mom, Angela Ganter. She’s an extremely strong person and the most horse savvy person I know.

     As far as tack, I ride in a Double J Saddle, RES Sport Boots, and Cutter Collection or Classic Equine saddle pads. All of my horses use a different bit just because all of them have such different styles.

     I’d also like to thank all of my sponsors: Schiller Ranch, K9s4Cops, MVP, Double J Saddlery, RES Sport Boots, and Key City Vet Clinic.”

We caught up with Jackie to ask a few questions. She is hard working, a goal setter and has her eye on making the NFR someday.  She was quick to give credit where credit is due; she already has a great group of horses in her arsenal and gives full credit to her mom, Angela Ganter.  Jackie said, “my mom knows a horse better than anyone I have ever met”.  Jackie is already a champion and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of her in the winners circle for many years to come. This is what Jackie had to say:

Where did you grow up and where are you from now?
            I lived in College Station, TX until I was 8, then my dad passed away so we moved to Abilene, TX where my mom's parents live so they could help her.

How old were you while riding Dixie?
            I rode Dixie (my eventing horse) when I was about 9-12 years old. When she had to be retired I wanted to run barrels.

At what age did you begin trying out horses for barrels and have Jan start helping you?
            Jan found my barrel horses when I was about 12 years old & started giving me lessons then.

Can you tell us who Jan Burns a nutshell?
            Jan lives in Anson, TX. Which is about 30-45 minutes from my house. She runs barrels & owns a tack shop.

A short list of some of the bigger events you have won? 
~2013 Multiple CC5D Barrel Race Champion                     
~2013 Top 3 San Antonio Stock Show Barrel Race             
~2013- Diamonds & Dirt Derby first round champion
~2012-2013 3rd in All American Youth Barrel Race
~2012 THSRA State Barrel Racing Champion
~2012- Diamonds & Dirt 3rd in 1D
~2011 Ogden Youth Champion
~2009- APHA Barrel Racing World Champion

Do you have a favorite arena you like to compete at?
            I really don't have a preference on any arenas but I do enjoy going to Circle T in Hamilton, TX.

What is your daily routine/exercise program with your horses?
            We have an equine swimming pool so all of our horses swim. All of our horses have different programs but the days they don't swim we ride them.

Who helps you keep your horses exercised, tuned up and ready to go when you need them?
            During school I have so much homework since I'm in all Pre-Ap classes that my mom helps me ride my horses. I'll ride as many as I have time to then she'll ride the rest.

Do you attend a public high school or are you homeschooled?
            I attend Wylie High School & will be a junior this coming year.

Is there any “therapies” you use on a consistent basis for injury prevention?
            Swimming, Game Ready, Magnetic Blanket, & TheraPlate

            MVP Exceed 6-Way & Bleed Block
 ~Type of grain/hay you like to use?
            Omoline 200 & Ultium with alfalfa in the morning and coastal at night

What is it like for you on the road?
~Type of truck & trailer you’re traveling with?
            We have a Freightliner truck with a Hart trailer.
~How many horses do you haul at one time?
            It depends on the barrel race on how many horses we take but it's usually either 5 or 6.
 ~Do you do any/all of the driving?
            My mom always drives.

How do you make a choice on which horses to haul to which events?
            If it is a big barrel race we'll take all of the horses but if it's a rodeo or somewhere you can only run one it just depends on the arena & atmosphere.
 ~Are some of them futurity colts, rodeo or open (what age)?
            Right now I have three 5 year olds, one 6 year old, a 9 year old, & an 11 year old. I also have one 3 year old that I am training for next year's futurities.

When you are looking for another horse to buy, what are you looking for?
 ~Who helps you find a good fit?
 ~Do you look at horses with any particular breeding?
~Do you have a favorite bloodline(s)?
            Usually when my mom buys a horse she watches them run & likes their style or just something about them. My mom knows a horse better than anyone I've ever met. Not one of the horses I'm running & winning on now did I ride before we bought them. My mom is not very into the bloodlines of a horse. It's more on how they run and turn.

Did you qualify for the high school nationals and if so, what is your game plan?
            Last year I won state & qualified for nationals. Got rained out my first round & was a little slow, then came back my second round & was 8th in the round. I ended up 7th in the state this year so I did not make nationals but we'll go for it next year and try again!

What was your most recent win or if you were in a huge event, where did you place, on which horse.
            This weekend I was at the "All American Youth Barrel Race" in Jackson, MS. I qualified 5 horses back in the top 30 in the 1D, with almost 700 entries. I was 5th in the 2nd round on “Cartels Fame”. In the finals, “Frenchmans Jester” was 3rd, “Bobbie Gene” was 12th, “Guys French Jet” was in the top 20, “Cartels Fame” & “Roses For Ragtime” were in the top 30.

Do you have interests outside of barrel racing and horses?
            I really don't have any interests outside of horses except school. I'm an A+ student & am in the National Honor Society. So school and horses pretty much consumes my life.

Any advice you'd like to give aspiring barrel racers?
            For aspiring barrel racers…I would say to make a goal & stick to it. Once you achieve it make another one. It's so important to work hard towards a particular time or a particular title. Once you set a goal you need to stick to it until you make it happen. I have many goals myself. Some I have reached & some I'm still working towards. Right now I'm focusing on riding my horses to the best of our abilities & making them as great as they can be. I'm also working towards the 2014 futurities since it is my first futurity colt. I'm aiming for her to be able to place in the bigger futurities & just see where it goes from there.

Courtesy Jackie Ganter
Lone Star Stables
© 2013 Interview BHHLLC Reprint