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By Kim Thomas

          Last month we learned how to enter the arena correctly with forward motion and on the correct lead.  This month we are going to discuss the first barrel approach.   My style is very different but works for most horses, saving steps and valuable time.

          Your horse’s body should be in a straight line leaving the alleyway, straight towards your pocket (about 4 ft away from the barrel).  The larger the pocket the more steps your horse has to take to get around it.  I ride two handed so I can keep my horses body straight until I get about a stride away, then I simply drop my outside rein, not actually picking up on the inside rein until I am on the backside of the turn.  This keeps your horses rear (its power source) underneath him so that he can push away from the barrel hard and quick and in perfect position for the next turn!

          Next time:  The second barrel turn.  It’s the most difficult!!

          Til next time…..Happy Trails

Courtesy Kim Thomas
© Reprint BHHLLC 2015