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By Kim Thomas

         The second barrel is the most difficult for the horse to make. So I make sure I do everything I can to make it easier for them. I always make sure they are on the correct lead before I allow them to make the turn. Starting the turn on the wrong lead or even changing it into the turn causes mishap and there’s no way it can be comfortable for you or the horse.   

          When you leave the first, I Q mine by using my outside leg leaving the first; that tells them to switch from the right to the left lead. Picture the second barrel laying on the ground towards the third, that’s the amount of pocket you will need.

          Leave the first in a straight line to the pocket on the second, keeping your horses head and body straight up into the turn. When you get there drop your outside rein and lift the inside one up. Do not pull or drop your hand. Lifting keeps the horses shoulder up and inside leg up underneath himself. As he starts to push away from the barrel, pick up your outside rein, insuring the horse leaves in a straight line headed for turn three.

          Next time:  The second barrel turn.  It’s the most difficult!!

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          Til next time…..Happy Trails

Courtesy Kim Thomas
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