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by Ariel Doughty

Ground work is one of the most important foundation steps I take in training my futurity and open horses. Whether it is a yearling pulled out of the pasture, or a seasoned horse I take into training, the first place we go is the round pen. This is where I gain respect, proper communication, and a bond that will last a lifetime. Ground driving is a very important part of this. It teaches softness, collection, a nice round frame, conditions muscles, forward motion, and how to respond properly to a bit. 

​Before you start driving your horse, it is very important to make sure their teeth have been checked by an equine dentist. If your horse’s teeth have any caps or have jagged edges, it can cause an array of issues once you introduce the bit. I always want to give my horse and myself the best opportunity to succeed, and not teach my horse to hate the bit before we even get started. Read more...

Submitted by Ariel Doughty

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