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by Jaime Del Collins

Cold Laser Therapy also known as LLLT (Low level laser therapy) has been implemented and respected for well over 40 years in the medical, physical therapy and more recently, veterinary fields. The large world of Cold Laser has dramatically evolved with technological advances. LLLT is based on physics and science, and with over 4000 extensive clinical studies there are well over 300+ protocols for treatable conditions. 


My personal choice when upgrading lasers after extensive research on new technologically advanced LLLT became the ACTIVet laser by Multi Radiance Medical. This laser had all of the peak power for repairing tough injuries like fractures and bowed tendons and most importantly it has the greatest degree of safety on the market. I was in need of a device that had rapid results with a high safety margin. The ACTIVet laser has a state of the art design with super pulsed power and encompasses a combination of unrivaled wavelengths and frequencies to deliver controlled therapeutic energy as deep as 5” into the tissue. Consistent quality results are what are achieved at Soundness Solutions with use of the ACTIVet.



As a therapist to a diverse group of performance horses and leading race trainers for thoroughbred and quarter horses, results are everything. When seconds count, knowing that prepping a horse with the ACTIVet before a competition, the athlete is going to have a scientifically proven clinical 3% advantage amongst the rest of the group. That is considered a “game changer” for most.  For example a horse that receives treatment before a race that is “on the muscle, and has muscle groups rock solid through touch” can achieve suppleness within minutes of being lasered. The suppleness acquired is going to lead to improved flexibility and range of motion. Another example of why trainers and owners choose the ACTIVet is being able to offer on the spot pain relief for many different conditions. An example of pain relief may be a horse that has arthritic hocks or stifles, or hooves that take a pounding on un-desired footing and may get “stingy or ouchy.” The demands of traveling and racing can be challenging on the immune system of horses--oxygenating the blood for wellness during these times of stress is highly em-braced and can be done all with LLLT. Read more...