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by Taylor Miniat-Hildreth

          I started “training” barrel horses a little bit in high school, although I don’t know if that’s what I would really call it. I would take a ranch or rope horse and get them to run barrels; I knew the basics but never had a clue how much went into truly training a barrel horse. My last semester of high school I was able to go ride with Joyce Loomis-Kernek for about a month; this is where I learned how much time, dedication, and finesse it took to actually train a barrel horse. From there I went on to college where I began buying cheaper horses and turning them into all around horses. I roped on them, ranched on them and got them seasoned as barrel horses and then would sell them. After college I decided I wanted to try my hand with futurity horses, I got humbled. I had a couple pretty nice colts but I wasn’t winning much, and for whatever reason I decided to keep trying. Read more... 

Submitted and written by Taylor Miniat

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