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By Dusdee Shepperson

​    I am not sure when the first time was that I started trying to help my own horses get better. Maybe it was growing up with a lot of good cow vets around but not many who were passionate about horses. Some how I found myself treating a horse for one thing or another. My horses have been my best teachers--although an expensive education at times, they have been well worth it.

    Some people are born with an eye or ability to see/feel lameness-some are not-whether having that is a curse or blessing is debatable. I used to drive my team roper husband crazy saying a horse is off on his left hind, right front, etc. He made fun of me for awhile, saying, “you think every horse is off.”  I got the last laugh, as now he’s beside me doing the same thing. Ironically I did not grow up with this mentality. I mainly rode horses as a colt trainer and helping out ranchers. There were no “my horse doesn’t feel right so I can’t ride him today,” days. You saddled up and rode all day, sometimes many days in a row. I do miss that, because to quote a good friend of mine, it gives them work ethic.    

    I was in my early twenties before I really embarked on the quest of helping horses feel better to perform better. I had married and we were ranching and trying to barrel race/rope some on the side. I didn’t even know what injecting a horse meant--I had no clue you could run a horse on bute or banamine or anything else. I just ‘trained’ my horses through everything. Now I look back and wish I had the therapy tools with those tough horses, and I wonder how far they could have gone!