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by Lacey Kuschel 

​In 2013 PHS visited with Lacey Kuschel and found she is currently ranked 2nd in MBRA Rodeo Standings; 2nd in NRF Tour Standings; and 1st in WPRA World Futurity Standings. She is always mounted on some great horses and is becoming an accomplished trainer in her own right. Join us to learn more about Lacey....

Lacey grew up in Nimrod, MN with parents, Lonnie and Betsy Kuschel. She started riding at age 2! Her pony was her babysitter—"my Mom would lead him off her horse and go check cattle". Her Mom taught her how to show at all the 4H events. Lacey started competing in Little Britches rodeos around age 12 and moved on to High School Rodeo, amateur open rodeos and then got her WPRA permit as soon as she turned 18. She started the futurity game around 2004.

Lacey now lives in Sebeka, MN with boyfriend Matt Pojanowski, who starts all of her young horses. The last horse I bought started by someone else was American Jet Strip, aka "AJ", and he still needed to go through the seasoning process. Since I purchased him 15 years ago, every horse I’ve competed on, I’ve trained.

Submitted by the late Lacey Kuschel

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