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Dover & Kendra

Redemption in Guymon, OK 2013


I grew up on a large working ranch in east Texas and now I live in north Texas. My dad was an all-around cowboy and rodeoed a lot back in the day. He always raised cattle and trained horses. For a while he judged PRCA rodeos until work at the ranch and raising a family took over. My mom was country long before country was cool, she grew up in the River Oaks area of Houston and was a self proclaimed cowgirl from the get go. She used to tie a hay string on her bicycle handle bars and pretend they were reins. She was a rodeo queen and loved to run barrels. Both of my parents have been influential in my rodeo career.

I was in the saddle before I could walk or talk. Always a daddy's girl, I was up with him before dawn and headed to the ranch to work. We had an old Chevy truck we called the "honey bun" wagon and we stopped every morning at the Coffee Kup cafe after feeding horses and cows.  

I've had several important "first" memorable horses in my lifetime. The first pony I had was a little blue roan named Shrinky Dink. The first horse I ever fell off of was a big brood mare named Pondy (I'll never forget that day!). The first horse registered in my name was Ruffles N Diamonds. She was an outlaw filly we raised on the ranch and could buck like no day she traded her pitchfork in for a crown and became the perfect ranch horse for me. I could do anything on that mare, even taught her to pull a cart. Ironically the first race horse my dad ever purchased ended up becoming my first barrel horse. His name was Blew B Rocket. And, my first high school rodeo horse (the one who taught me how to be a competitor) was a little flea-bitten, mean-as-sin, 14 hand mare named Jessie.